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Heron House Yoga is a Hatha style of yoga which encompasses the balance of the body, mind and spirit through the exploration of 'asanas' postures, 'pranayama' breath and relaxation bringing you improved flexibility and a deeper awareness of the self for optimum health and well-being. All are welcome. Denise is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher 500 with Yoga Alliance.


Heron House Pilates yoga fusion starts with a Pilates warm up and then moves back and forth from Pilates to yoga, strengthening, toning and stretching your body along the way. This class finishes with a supported inverted yoga posture &  short relaxation. If you are new to Pilates or yoga, this class is a great introduction.


1 hour class, $13.00 taxes in.


Heron House gentle Hatha yoga is a quiet, slow paced class that deeply focuses on the energy within the breath as it flows through the body, mind & spirit. You will start your class in savasana focusing inward. Then using the breath and visualization, move into & through each gentle posture until you make your way to the end in savasana once again. This class is perfect for those interested in deepening their internal focus.


1 hour class, $13.00 taxes in.

Guided Meditation

Heron House guided meditation focuses on the energy within through guided meditation, pranayama & occasionally gentle postures. You will connect deeply to your body, mind & spirit. Using breath with visualization move through each guided meditation. This class is perfect for those interested in deepening their internal focus, improving health and de-stressing their lives.

1 hour class, $13.00 taxes in.


Heron House Hatha yoga focuses on the static holding of asanas - the postures and mindful alignment & muscle engagement in those postures. At the same time, awareness of pranayama - the breath plays a key role as we move through each posture exploring it’s effect on our body and mind. This class will end in savasana with relaxation and visualization.


1 hour class, $13.00 taxes in

1.5 hour class, $15.00 taxes in.

New class Wednesdays at 3:00.

Mixed 15

Heron House Mixed 15 is a 1 hour fitness class that incorporates 15 minutes of cardio, 15 minutes of Pilates, 15 minutes of strength using free weights, ending with 15 minutes of yoga stretching. This fast paced workout will set you up for the week.

1 hour class, $13.00 taxes in.


Heron House Vinyasa yoga focuses on breath, synchronized postures that are sequenced together and repeated. This class may include the ‘sun salutation’ and a variety of other sequenced postures that will take us through the traditional Hatha style from the earth to the heavens and back again. This class will end in savasana with relaxation and visualization.


1 hour class, $13.00 taxes in.

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