Benefits of Exercise

January 21, 2014

The middle of January has come and gone, your new year’s resolutions are already beginning to fade and winter blues are settling in with all the cold, snow and lack of sunshine. Unfortunately even though you would like to, you can’t hibernate. Hhhmm, what does one do about it all? Therefore the best thing that you can do to make you feel better is exercise. Yes, exercise.


Push yourself out the door go skating, cross country skiing, attend a fitness, pilates, or yoga class, go dancing, pump some iron. Whatever you do, you will be moving and that will get those feel good endorphins flowing that will make you feel fabulous. I see it all the time, clients come to a class feeling down from the weather, exhausted from their busy lives; but when they have finished their class and are heading out the door they are smiling, laughing and feel great. They have a sense of well being and accomplishment which carries over into their regular day. Regular exercise improves self esteem, you will feel better about yourself, happier and more relaxed. It also will help you to sleep better, which will certainly make you feel better.


Once you start exercising, you will soon realize that there are other benefits as well. Regular exercise not only makes you feel great inside and out, but will give you more energy. The energy you get from improved muscle strength, endurance and improved cardiovascular system. Regular exercise gives you energy to help you go about your work day so that you can get everything done that you need to.


Even though you might not feel like exercising because you have a medical condition, the best thing you can do is move. Regular exercise is great preventative or management medicine for health issues like arthritis, diabetes, cholesterol problems, heart & stroke, fall prevention and many others. Regular exercise gets your heart pumping and the blood flowing which sends oxygen and other nutrients throughout your body. What does that mean? It means get out there 3-5 times per week and move for about 30 minutes at a time. Your body will thank you for it.


Regular exercise also helps with weight management. If you are exercising 3-5 times per week on top of your regular daily activities, you will be burning more calories. The more calories you burn the easier it is to maintain your weight.

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