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Heron House Pilates

Heron House Pilates is a total body mat workout that will improve your posture, total body strength, 'core' strength, and flexibility. You will be taught muscle isolation and engagement; and total body awareness through the extensive repertoire of Pilates exercises offered in our classes. All levels are welcome.

Monthly Schedule

Heron House Equipped Pilates is an intense intermediate class that incorporates small equipment into your mat workout. Each week you will use a different piece of small equipment from weighted balls, ring, squishy ball, foam roller, weights, fitness cushion and bosu. The equipment will add an edge to your workout which will improve balance and toning, increase strength and endurance.


1 hour class, $13.00 taxes in.

Fit Mat

Heron House Fit Mat Pilates class is a total body workout that will not only improve your strength, endurance, but also improve your flexibility and posture. Weighted bars, hand weights & fitness cushion are used to enhance your work out. To make your class even more enjoyable you will get the chance to do a few planks.You will love how this class makes you feel energized!


1 hour class, $13.00 taxes in.


Heron House Pilates yoga fusion starts with a Pilates warm up and them moves back and forth from Pilates to yoga, strengthening, toning and stretching your body along the way. This class finishes with a supported inverted yoga posture & short relaxation. If you are new to Pilates or yoga, this class is a great introduction.


1 hour class, $13.00 taxes in.

HIIT - Strength & Move

Heron House HIIT Strength & Move is a mixed fitness class that incorporates interval training through movement ​& strength exercises with free weights. You will be challenged with the top 10 exercises that will enhance your everyday lives. You will also have fun with posture, balance, neuroplasticity exercises. You will leave this class feeling very energized.

1 hour class, $13.00 taxes in.

New Time on Wednesday 9:00 am.


Heron House Matwork Pilates class is a total body workout that will not only improve your flexibility and posture, but also tone and strengthen you. You will love how this class makes you feel energized. If you are new to Pilates this is a great class to start with.


1 hour class, $13.00 taxes in.

Mixed 15 - New

Heron House Mixed 15 is a 1 hour fitness class that incorporates 15 minutes of cardio, 15 minutes of Pilates, 15 minutes strength using free weights, ending with 15 minutes of yoga stretching. This is an energetic workout that will set you up for the week.

1 hour class, $13.00 taxes in.

Monday mornings at 8:30.


Heron House Strength Pilates is an intense challenging intermediate mat class that will take your Pilates practise to the next level. This class uses hand weights, glides & planking to enhance the intensity of your workout. We also mix in circuit & BOSU classes every few weeks to keep you on your toes.You will love how this class strengthens your upper body, tones and shapes your waist, hips and thighs and improves your over all endurance. 


1 hour class, $13.00 taxes in.

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