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Heron House Cardio

Heron House Cardio specialty classes are great high energy rebounder classes that improve cardio endurance, balance, bone & muscle strength, lymphatic drainage and detox your body. This fun workout also tones your body helping to reduce fat. All levels are welcome.

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Bone Strength

The Bone Strength Cardio Rebounder class uses 1 lb wrist weights to add an edge to your upper body workout. Using the 1 lb weights will not only tone and sculpt you upper body, but also enhance bone strength. The class involves 35 min of rebounder work using wrist weights, keeping the bounce low with greater arm movement at chest height and above. 20 min Pilates exercises alternate with rebounding, finishing with a 5 min cool down.


1 hour specialty class, $18.00 taxes in.

Cardio Pilates

The Cardio Pilates Rebounder class starts off with a balance warm up on the rebounder, then combines cardio bounce and total body movement with Pilates ab, leg and glut, strength exercises all on the rebounder to give you that total body experience. The class finishes with a 5 min. cool down. You will feel refreshed when you finish this energetic workout.


1 hour specialty class, $18.00 taxes in.

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